The online adult sex store catering to couples too

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The Online Adult Sex Store Catering To Couples Too

At Sexy Secrets, we pride ourselves on providing the latest range of couples sex toys and sex accessories for couples from around the world. All of which can be delivered throughout Australia. We are always on the lookout for the latest and improved products at the best prices. With the latest advancements in sex toys in recent times, there is a multitude of great couples sex toys available today and thanks to our online adult sex store, shopping is now a breeze.

We have the best toys, featuring the best functions, to cater for a discerning market. Many sex toy manufacturers are making couples toys and accessories daily and we carefully select toys that cater for all genders and sexual preferences. Our philosophy is that the ultimate sex toy is one that is ideal to please both partners and our online adult sex store allows for discreet shopping.

Experience the ultimate couple’s toy

We-Vibe: The best-selling couple’s sex toy today is We-Vibe. This unique hands-free couple’s vibrator is highly advanced in design and functionality. Designed to stimulate her clitoris whilst vibrating internally to provide further stimulation for her as well as for him, We-Vibe is one of the few toys that can be used during intercourse to give both partners a wonderful pleasurable experience. If you want to surprise your better half with a We-Vibe, with our adult sex store online shopping is easy and discreet.

Learn a little, love a lot

Education: We live in the information age and most of us crave to broaden our knowledge either via visual media or through good old fashioned text. Sexy Secrets has a wide range of both DVD and book style educational products to cater for your need to expand your knowledge base. From sexual positions to new and exciting ways to please your lover, you’ll find it all at our online adult sex store.

Couples sex toy kits

Our couples sex toy kits can come in the form of specialty style packs, such as anal, fetish, or massage devices for instance, or they can also have a variety of both his and her sex toys in combination. A sex kit is a great way to obtain a number of items, while saving money. A very popular couple’s accessory, sex kits can escalate your love-making to new levels of excitement.

Accentuate pleasure with our arousal gels

Arousal gels and potions are the consummate couple’s sex aide. We all need a little push every now and then, and our arousal products will give you the spike you need. From heating gels to cooling balms, Sexy Secrets is likely to have it. If you are looking for something to start you up, or even slow you down, we can provide it for you. Maybe you want something to make you wet or to help with reducing sensitivity. Sexy Secrets is the one stop online adult sex store when it comes to arousal products.

Make every massage a sensual one

Everyone loves the relaxing soothing feel of a well delivered massage. Our range of massage oils, candles, books, and powered devices contains just what you need, no matter if you crave a soothing, romantic, or a more forceful style of massage. We are sure to have the perfect product to suit any style of massage in our online adult sex store. Drop in and discover our range of products.

Adult games for two

Adult games can be a great way to break the ice and get to know your partner in ways you often wanted to explore, but never dreamed of performing. Apart from being a great fun foreplay tool, games can be very exciting and arousing. Adult games have become far more advanced and risqué over the years and are available in a multitude of styles and sexual scenarios. With our adult sex store online shopping for a large variety of adult games is easy and discreet.

Ready for fetish accessories?

Want to take your relationship to a new level? We have an extensive range of fetish accessories to help you play out your secret desires. Whether you lean toward a dominant role (Dom) or a submissive (Sub) part, we are likely to have the accessory you need, to play out your fetish fantasy. Unisex strap-ons, blindfolds, ball gags, restraints, and nipple clamps are just a few of the popular fetish products we sell through our adult sex store online. 

Enjoy edible?

The joy of oral sex doesn’t only extend to fellatio or cunnilingus practises. Kissing and licking is an intensely arousing and common way to excite your lover. In addition to the way we use our mouth during sex, introducing edible products can enhance the experience for both participants. With a wide variety of both sweet and savoury lotions available to suit any taste, we have most of the popular brands and flavours to appeal to everyone. 

Why not vibrating rings

A very popular couples toy is a vibrating cock ring. The humble cock ring has evolved into a feature packed super sex toy, with numerous styles and varieties available. Introducing a simple cock ring into your relationship will take your love making to new heights and it can be equally as satisfying for both him and her.

Bring your partner with you to our store

Located in South Melbourne and Carrum Downs, we can help you find the perfect couples gift, or call us on 1800 249 569 today.

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    South Melbourne,
    VIC 3205.

    (03) 9696 7399(03) 9696 7399

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  • 1/35 Lathams Rd
    Carrum Downs
    VIC 3201.

    (03) 9775 1995(03) 9775 1995

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